Presidential yacht of Turkey used as sex den

18:24 03.10.2010

Presidential yacht of Turkey used as sex den

The luxury yacht Savarona, once used by modern Turkey’s founder Ataturk in the 1930s, was reportedly used twice for sexual escapades recently.

WHEN the Turkish military police’s raiding party rapelled down the helicopter and dashed inside the 136m luxury yacht, the Savarona, they were greeted with a scene straight out ofan adult movie.

All the guests in the yacht were in bed with their partners.

«Even though it was afternoon, almost all of the men and women in those rooms were naked,» an unidentified sergeant told Turkey’s Milliyet newspaper.

«Most of the rooms were quite untidy and there were several condoms, used and unused, in all of the rooms.»

It was no ordinary gathering. They were top businessmen and government officials from eastern Europe and the women were models from Russia and the Ukraine.

There was even an official who claimed to bean aide of the Kazakhstan prime minister.

The yacht on which they were having a jolly good time was not just an ordinary one.

The Savarona, the seventh largest yacht in the world, was used by Turkey’s founding father father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk for six weeks before his death in November 1938, the Daily Mail reported.

Mr Ataturk, who proclaimed modern-day Turkey in 1923 on the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, is seen as a national hero and revered by many to this day. His legacy is protected under a special law. Naturally, the bust has caused shock and outrage in Turkey.

The man allegedly behind the sexcapades is a New York-based real estate developer named Tevfik Arif. He is of Kazakh origin, the Daily Mail reported.

The group of businessmen are said to have paid up to US$10,000 (S$13,000) per night to sleep with the women onboard the yacht.

The Savarona boasts 16 suites, an 85m-long gold staircase, a cinema, Turkish bath and helicopter pad. It has 260 tonnes of polished marble.

Russian, Kyrgyz and Kazakh businessmen and government officials were among those arrested, the Bloomberg reported.

Before the women were questioned, they were asked to hand over their mobile phones, but one of them refused to do it.

She even bit a Turkish policeman on his hand after he asked her to hand it over to him.

The prosecutor decided to detain her.

Arif has been charged in Turkey after he was detained in the yacht.