Look at Trump, Epstein

14:14 26.07.2019

In his July 7 letter, Rob Denham (“Accusations are a tiring game”) laid out his case for why he believes E. Jean Carroll is lying in her accusation she was sexually assaulted by then real estate sleeze-bag Donald Trump, extrapolating that most accusations against wealthy men are merely opportunistic lies. Patricia Dickey responded on July 21 (“Letter not really surprising”), explaining why a relatively powerless woman having been victimized already might hesitate to bring charges knowing that the full-force of her victimizer’s influence and wealth would be brought down upon her to defend her rapist. So I won’t re-litigate any of that in this letter.

Rather, I will just lay out some established facts, and allow you to draw a conclusion.


More than 20 women have accused Trump of various levels of sexual impropriety. We know Trump is a philanderer. He cheated on his first wife with his second, he cheated on his second wife with his third and he cheated on his third wife with a porn star and a Playmate. Were there more? Who knows?

We all heard Trump’s words on the Access Hollywood bus, volunteered without coaxing. We know in 2005 he told Howard Stern he walks in on contestants in the beauty pageants he owns as they’re dressing hoping to see them naked, and that several Teen USA pageant contestants have said he did it there. Also we all know Trump said he and Jeffrey Epstein share a love for beautiful women “on-the-younger-side.” Maybe you’ve even seen the video of Trump hosting Epstein at a party featuring cheerleaders in which Trump is seen groping one of the ladies’ posterior.

Among his friends, Trump counts the late John Casablancas, who tutored him in the “modeling agency” business. Casablancas had a reputation for using his influence to bed aspiring models, some of them underage. Trump also partnered with Russian real estate developer Tevfik Arif, who in 2010 was busted when the FBI helicoptered onto a yacht to break up Arif’s underage prostitution ring. Then there’s George Nader, hired by the Trump White House as an adviser who’s been convicted and otherwise accused on several occasions of possession of child pornography. There’s Trump’s former lawyer, the late Roy Cohn. It’d take too long to delve into accusations Cohn ran a pederast ring, and that Trump was and remained involved, but the allegations are out there. Feel free to research them.

Which brings us back to Epstein. I won’t rehash all those allegations. Either you know them or you can research them. However, one credible allegation stems from 1990 when then 13-year-old Katie Johnson says she was groomed for sex by Epstein who invited his then-friend Donald Trump to join him in beating and raping Johnson. A witness corroborates this story. Johnson says Trump told her if she reported it, her family would be endangered, and he’d use his wealth to destroy her. She waited several years to bring suit. When she did, she claims she was threatened into rescinding the charges.